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14 the most important news that we learned about Half-Life: Alyx

Here came the moment when announced a brand new part of Half-Life. It is not a sequel to Half-Life 3, but the game does not become less exciting. Recently managed to learn quite a lot about the prequel to virtual reality Half-Life: Alyx. Among news: release date, system requirements, characters who return from previous installments, etc. All gathered together in this material.

Release date March 2020

To try to play Half-Life: Alyx succeed in March 2020. The exact date is not known. The cost of the game $60 that somewhere 3700 rubles. However, it will be available free of charge to owners of VR headsets, Valve Index.

It is the largest project of Valve

A remarkable feature of the project – it attracted the maximum number of people in the history of the Valve. This became known from the words of the Creator of Gunpoint.

“Half-Life: Alyx has the largest online gaming team of all ever involved,” — said Valve designer Greg Coomer. “About a third of employees participated in the development of the previous parts of Half-Life and only some of them work in the company from first Half-Life”. Coomer notes that new employees, among which recently acquired the developer of Firewatch Campo Santo, “made an important contribution, and opened a lot of avenues for gameplay.”

“We did not plan to develop a new Half-Life”, — tells Robin Walker. It all started with the fact that one of the programmers current project Half-Life: Alyx in Valve began to experiment with VR. He used the assets of Half-Life and Portal. However, movement and pulses of the second game does not correspond to the concept of VR.

At first it was only a short pilot experiment Half-Life VR, but that all changed due to the reaction of the players. “When we started to show people the 15-minute prototype — according to Walker, Geoff Keighley, gamers managed to spend 45 minutes and do a lot of things we never imagined. They demonstrated a lot of unique behaviors, which none of us never could.”

System requirements Half-Life: Alyx

Itself Valve Index requires only 8 GB of RAM and graphics card, at least GTX 970 or equivalent. However, system requirements Alyx a little higher and still remain relatively modest.

Minimum system requirements:

  • OS: Windows 10.
  • CPU: Core i5-7500 / Ryzen 5 1600;
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM;
  • Graphics: GTX 1060 / RX 580 — 6 GB of VRAM.

Looks like it’s a real continuation of the series Half-Life that lasts as long as Half-Life 2

The developers promise that in Half-Life: Alyx will be “all the characteristics of classic Half-Life”. These include “exploring the world, solving puzzles, battles against enemies and intriguing story, connecting all the pieces into a single picture, familiar to many fans of Half-Life”. The story is set in between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2. The main character sees Alyx and her father Eli in secret to resist violent occupation of Land. “Along with Alix gamers fight to save the future of all mankind.”

14 самых важных новостей, которые мы узнали о Half-Life: Alyx14 самых важных новостей, которые мы узнали о Half-Life: Alyx

The story will once again take in the City 17. On one of the screenshots see the fortress, the citadel during construction and hunter-choppers, carrying a huge metal panel. The other screenshot shows the appearance policeyskiy directing their guns at the Alix as a city scanner, one of the robots, Half-Life 2 hovers over them.

14 самых важных новостей, которые мы узнали о Half-Life: Alyx14 самых важных новостей, которые мы узнали о Half-Life: Alyx

There are users who think that Half-Life: Alyx – just a short demonstration of the new VR hardware from the Valve. Actually developed a full-length game. From the words of the Studio, the internal testers of the game took the same amount of time to complete Half-Life: Alyx, how much and to complete Half-Life 2. Another Valve Designer Greg Coomer said that many players “will need even more time, especially if you desire in-depth to explore the environment and interact with it. We expect to present the world with a minimum of 20 hours of fascinating passage. It is quite a lot, especially by the standards of VR”.

This is the first Half-Life with a voiced protagonist

The main character, Gordon Freeman has never uttered a single word. Alix, in turn, will be more verbose during the passage of the world Half-Life: Alyx. “At the very beginning it was decided that the game is for the Alix should be different from the standard parts with Gordon Freeman,” notes Coomer. “Alix is an active participant in the dialogues. It helps a lot easier to integrate narrative into the game. Thus, one can increase the density of the immersion into the virtual universe”.

Alix is the new actor

In the early parts of Half-Life, the role of Alix belonged to Merle Dandridge. In the current version of the honor to play a character will have Ozioma Akaga – famous actress who played many leading roles in video games, including Wolfenstein II: the New Colossus and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. “Choose the right actors is extremely difficult, especially because of the time gap between the parts,” notes Coomer. “But as soon as we heard the speech Ozioma, I knew it was the right Alix”.

G-Man and other familiar characters return

14 самых важных новостей, которые мы узнали о Half-Life: Alyx14 самых важных новостей, которые мы узнали о Half-Life: Alyx

This is not surprising, because it is difficult to imagine Half-Life without the mysterious G-Man. He even appeared in the main parts of Half-Life without Gordon — Opposing Force and Blue Shift. And it’s pretty cool that his participation officially confirmed. Sound G-Man took Mike Shapiro.

You can still expect the return of the alien vortigaunts, who went on to voice Tony Todd. The voice of Ellen McClain (known as GLaDOS from the Portal series) is returned as a synthesized speech of the Plant.

The father of Alyx, Eli, Vance, will also be represented, albeit in a slightly altered form. Owner his original voice Robert Guillaume died in 2017. “The new voice of Eli, from James Moses black, has everything you need to fill the loss,” says Coomer. “We are all thrilled with his game. We can’t wait to wait for the players will hear it.” Previously, he has voiced many roles in film and television.

Still for scoring was attracted by Rhys Darby (Flight of the Concords low) and Cissy Jones (Firewatch).

Alix will get gravity gloves

14 самых важных новостей, которые мы узнали о Half-Life: Alyx14 самых важных новостей, которые мы узнали о Half-Life: Alyx

Until the invention of electric field manipulator zero point (the gravity gun) and transfer of Gordon Freeman in Half-Life 2, Alyx had gravity gloves. Perhaps you can apply them by analogy with gravitational weapons, that is, pull, lift and throw items around. Even better, if their functions are more developed at the expense of VR. Additionally the screenshot shows the visibility of the health of Alix, on the left hand glove shown 3 hearts.

It seems the project involved mark Laidlaw

The writer of the original parts of Half-Life Marc Laidlaw left the project Valve in 2016. Before intruders in the company for 18 years. This fact can be understood that he will not be leading in the creation of Half-Life: Alyx. “As with all previous Valve games, the script is produced by several writers and all the animators, actors and designers of the highest calibre who create the narrative already in the game,” according to Coomer. “Though mark does not directly working on Half-Life: Alyx (most likely he’s somewhere on the beach), he spent a lot of time to answer the questions of the actors during the entire development cycle”.

Will the headcrabs

14 самых важных новостей, которые мы узнали о Half-Life: Alyx14 самых важных новостей, которые мы узнали о Half-Life: Alyx

The thought of the advent of virtual reality attacking the head of parasites sounds awful. That is why they will appear in Half-Life: Alyx. “Little known fact, actually illegal to make a game of Half-Life without the headcrab,” says Coomer. “Moreover, the only reason for spending years of his life, money, and effort on virtual reality is to make possible the parasites jump on your head.” On the game page in Steam it is noted that it will be possible to tear the headcrab and throw them at the soldiers of the combine.

Gabe Newell is excited

“Virtual reality gave the team a second wind,” — said the founder of Valve. “Rigidly spent a lot of effort for this technology. However, we are first and foremost game developers to the depths of the bones, so the plan has always been to create a virtual game that could be as exciting and ambitious as Half-Life”. “Actually, Half-Life: Alyx seems to be a culmination of a long development cycle and ideas that we really care about. The game incorporates a great history, advanced technology and discovering new platforms.” Very strange to know that Gabe Newell openly and frankly says that the Half-Life.

It is possible to play Half-Life: Alyx using any virtual headset for PC

Half-Life: Alyx definitely has the best optimization for Valve VR Index and its controllers, but the company doesn’t want to limit the user to only this platform. That is why the developers make the game available for HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Rift and the Oculus Quest, subject to the availability of communication with a PC.

Still have the support of the scale of the room, standing and sitting game. It includes 3 ways of transportation: teleportation, displacement (smooth scaling between points) and standard analog walking.

The owners of any part of the Valve set Index, including only controllers will be able to play Half-Life: Alyx free. For those who have any of the equipment Index, purchased prior to the end of 2019, will be credited with a few bonuses. Among them – more skins for weapons from the Arsenal of Alix.

The official website promises compatibility with Steam Workshop. “The game will include a set of tools Source 2, which will allow you to create new levels. If it can make any player to continue to offer them to the community. Hammer, a well-known development tool levels at Valve, augmented with the necessary functions to work with virtual reality.

Will there be access from a PC without VR?

Perhaps someone had a question, and whether to expect Half-Life: Alyx with no more reality. It seems that the developers of such a plan. “The complexity of adaptation of a game PC huge. We would have to make a map the size of a keyboard that would meet only for the interaction with doors. Otherwise, such functionality can not be achieved,” said Dario Casali of Valve’s Geoff Keighley.

“The deeper we studied the mechanics of transfer actions under the experience with a keyboard and mouse, the more I realized that we have to simplify many interactions. Testing showed more problems, and the idea had to be abandoned”.

Probably Half-Life: Alyx – not the last part of the series, which will appear in the near future

It has been reported that Half-Life: Alyx is not a prequel to Half-Life 3. However, this does not mean that popular part written off.

Internet resource The Verge asked designer David Speyrer: “is this a full return to Half-Life or can we expect more parts of the game after the conclusion of the series of stasis”. “It is not surprising that a Valve has been talking about the return of the Half-Life universe,” said Sparer. “The experience on developing a game only reinforced that desire.” Then he said that Valve explored a lot of new possibilities for a deeper explanation of the history of the worlds Half-Life and its possibilities.

“Of course, this will not happen immediately. You need to wait and see how the audience will react to Half-Life: Alyx after the official release. And yet, we would like to continue working in this direction”, — said Sparer.

It is all known news that with 100% or more likely to occur in the sequel of the legendary series of games. As you get closer to the release date, the number of stories increase. Therefore, add the link to your favorites and stay tuned.

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