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15 best action games for Android

Dynamic games in the action genre is also called platforming. Their distinctive features – are actively changing the world and the constant human involvement. To win will help reflexes and logical thinking. This genre can include several categories: fighting games, shooters, adventure apps and stuff. In every direction are hundreds of applications, many of which are garbage. We sorted the rubbish and offer the reader a ranking of the 15 best action games for Android.


The classic shooter in retro style with camera on top. It is not too different from the usual arcade action games, but inside a lot of various weapons, there is support for multiplayer and violence at every step. Let the app not suitable for children, but for adults it should be like. This contributes to the simple controls and charming graphics with a touch of nostalgia. The bonuses include secret Easter eggs and track the history of events. Most likely simple graphics will not confuse the player, but the abundance of advertising, which is required for every resurrection, may.

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2 Blackmoor

Is a platform game with 2D levels and fun additions. The output of the player are the usual platformer, very reminiscent of the application of the Castlevania series. The differences in face: co-op mode, online duels and designer levels. Especially looks interesting creation mode maps, allowing you to make your own levels and share them with other players. Not many projects can boast of such capabilities. Do not forget the developers and about the cloud saving of progress, and other things familiar to a modern person.

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Brawl Stars

This is a fresh project from Supercell that is famous for creating Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The game puts a few people on the map and offers to fight them. There are many various modes, including battles 3 on 3, 2 on 2 and 1 vs 1. Target levels may also vary, in some it is sufficient to hit the enemy, others to capture prey. All modes are interesting and varied, you won’t be bored for a long time. Playing with each other, the process will only become more exciting. The main value of the game mechanic adds a simple and short session.

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Call of Duty: Mobile

The series needs no further introduction, because CoD is the most popular FPS game on smartphones, which for many years known for computer. The mobile version has all the same elements of a good online shooter: mass PvP modes, lots of weapons, skins, beautiful graphics, etc. Especially like most players version of “battle Royale”, which involved 100 players, winning only one. Despite the presence of worthy competition among the shooters, CoD: Mobile is now the best game for Android in its genre.

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Evoland 2

As action includes several genres and Evoland 2 contains elements from slashers, strategy, 2D RPG, 3D fighting game and all this in the arcade shell. Even a series of mini-games built-in. All permeates the main story, as the passage which changes graphics and mechanics. In one moment a character is involved in battles with dozens of monsters, and a moment can move into the combat version of the genre “3 in a row.” The first part of the game is very similar, it is possible to get acquainted with her. The advantage of the application is the lack of advertising.

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GRID Autosport

Fresh racing game can be considered the best in its genre for the year 2019. It is possible to find about 100 cars that can be opened as savings and also have the opportunity to participate in 100 events. The bundle and the DLC from the original game, including the scaling of difficulty. There is always the possibility to choose the option that is challenging but not overly complicated. Full and deep game GRID Autosport continues to be relevant in 2020.

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Half Brick Studios

Many of you know already about the Studio Halfbrick on their huge library of games of decent quality. Dan The Man offers to kill everyone, Fruit Ninja is a simple and addictive arcade game Jetpack Joyride – an endless runner. In the range there are a lot of other things. The distinctive features of all products: colorful graphics, rich in family content, easy management. Not all action games have to kill someone or to destroy something. The range of Halfbrick Studios is a worthy alternative to the usual classroom.

Link to Studio work.

Into the Dead 2

Unique game, already known to many players and is available on almost all smartphones. How about Jogging in a field swarming with zombies, with weapons in their hands? In the new part appeared much more weapons, improved graphics, added the dog, became available security features and even alternate endings. The game regularly hosts events that not only bring diversity, but also allow you to receive valuable prizes. An infinite runner with shooter elements implemented efficiently and takes the best from both genres.

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He is the developer of several games in the genre of action. Most of their projects have incorporated a lot of shooters stick to the popular idea of battle with zombies. This includes the application Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2 and UNKILLED. Each of them is realized more opportunities than in the previous year. Players have to like a convenient mechanic, decent graphics and lots of options of classes, up to multiplayer events. MADFINGER still pays much attention to the series of FPS games Shadowgun. It is a traditional representative of the FPS shooters that will carry you into a fantasy world with lots of dangers. Any project Studio can be considered worthy of its place in the ranking of best action games.

Link to Studio work.

Game Maple Media

Developed by Maple Media has created a lot of extreme games in the sports genre. Some of them are counted among the classics: Skateboard Paty 3, Snowboard Party, Mike V: Skateboard Party and fresh Tony Hawk’s Skate Jam. The mechanics are sometimes puzzling, but to the nostalgia of the game just can not refuse. If you can accept some shortcomings of management, the application will be the best in the sports industry. All events are held at a good pace, and the graphics are quite tolerable.

Link to Studio work.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

This is a new game, that’s why she was the best in its niche. The application supports one-hand operation, includes a lot of colorful strokes and more than 1,000 items to personalize the character. The player can choose between a fascinating single company and multiplayer mode events limited in time. Almost all praise The Mighty Quest, single errors and the long introduction to the game can be easily forgiven.

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Fresh project emanates huge nostalgia. Graphics of the arcade at 16-bit console, but this disadvantage is fully covers high-quality mechanics, simple controls and the availability of interesting add-ons. The player is immersed in a 2D world and beat the crowd of bad guys, in the course of collecting useful items. Further resources can be used to improve the hero. Even the character development is implemented at the level principle. The application is ready to present challenging boss battles and simple story. Pass the game again is pointless, but for once is a decent option.

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Specialty developer is to create “games of rhythm”, and with its task it copes better. They have a decent selection of applications, among which Cytus I and II, VOEZ, Deemo, Mandora, Implosion and free app sdorica. In each case the beginning is quite simple, but gradually increases the intensity and depth of what is happening. Inside there is always good music and story. Still have the opportunity to buy additional music packets.

Link to Studio work.

Sky Force Reloaded

This air shooter with tons of action. Every time the player have to cross the battlefield, destroying the path of hordes of enemies. Due to the necessity of continuous manoeuvring and additional purposes, to pass the job quite interesting. Gradually open up new planes, upgrade. Beautiful gaming experience combined with the lush graphics, decent voice acting and a good soundtrack the withdrawal of Sky Force Reloaded to the leaders of the niche. Let the game is a bit old and it has worthy competitors, but it is the most polished and rich in content.

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The Swords of Ditto

It’s kind of a diamond among the similar apps. Adventure game with many unique game mechanic is the best that can now be found in this niche. Initially a bit repelled unusual control, but now the developers have improved the interaction with the character. The game brings an interesting story, RPG elements and a lot of occupations that you can pass the time. You can explore the dungeons, fight the bosses, destroy the bad guys.

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If you don’t see any decent action games for Android, tell me their names in the comments. They may also fall in the ranking after the study.

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