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5 best football games on Android smartphones in 2020

Football season 2020 has already begun. It was really special, because in the store there are 5 exciting games for mobile devices. Hot competition in the real world can become not less hot competition in the virtual universe. It is enough to test the next application.

Футбол на телефонеФутбол на телефоне

FIFA Mobile Soccer 2020

The most famous football franchise in the world – FIFA from EA Sports once again provided the best game in its genre, including Android. The app gives you access to the most popular mode, FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team). All players will compete for rewards, which in the future will be able to spend on a legendary players like Ronaldo or Ronaldinho. To some extent this is reminiscent of collecting baseball cards, but here all the characters are real and they can be used in the tournament. The main task of the player is to create a dream team that will win other online opponents.

This is the new, functional and beautiful version of FIFA. The main reason to start the game rights from EA to use most commands of the higher League. In other words, FIFA includes the largest list of officially licensed teams, players, stadiums and competitions. For those who want to play a good simulation of a real football, a certain should try FIFA Mobile Soccer 2020.

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eFootball PES 2020

Not done in the rating and main rival FIFA – PES. In Europe it is called eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer. The game will appeal not only to people who have nostalgic memories of the PlayStation 2, but will also attract new fans. Maybe version 2020 was the best football game for smartphones, at least it is not inferior to FIFA. It combines almost console graphics and easy to learn gameplay.

The endless debate over the confrontation between PES and FIFA continue indefinitely. However, no one can argue that FIFA won the battle for commercial success. PES, in turn, took the position of a simplified version of soccer, to some extent, with arcade elements. But it is less predictable, which delivers adrenaline-pumping game fans.

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Soccer Star 2020

This is one of the most exciting mobile apps dedicated to football. The game makes a big bet on the human factor, the main decisions are made by the player, as responsible for the consequences. You have an opportunity to beat the gate, to practice dribbling, give passes and even perform a head kick. The game is dedicated to the glorious moments that creates each player independently. They can radically turn the outcome of the match. The user creates a character and is responsible for his career. While unable to win matches, appear more lucrative contracts.

To create a legendary moment and realize it is not so easy, but that only increased the flurry of emotions in case of success. If you want to take in a football game for everyday life, without the tedious expectations and frills Soccer Star 2020 will be the perfect option.

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Soccer Stars

It is important to distinguish this application from the previous one. The game can be played even by people without any football experience. The player is a virtual world of football, combined with the Board game Subbuteo (also called simulator). Every character drags the chips on the small field, trying to score a goal and defend your own goal. The matches in real time with other users looks really fun.

Inside there is a developed system of competitions with hundreds of small tournaments, cups and trophies. There is still local multiplayer mode where players compete on a single device, as in the good old days. The game is perfect for those who do not want to bother, but he wants to entertain themselves with something resembling football.

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Football Manager 2020 Mobile

This is a good version of the legendary game for computers in which you can feel the rhythm of the competition in comparison with analogues. The app has a huge fan base, who believe the game only worthy of attention for many years. Football Manager has a huge rating in Europe and well-proven in Russia.

No longer have to constantly play football, because the player becomes the Manager. He takes on the role of managing a football club. All decisions should be taken only people from buying and selling players to the rhythm of training, tactics and other things. Despite the visual simplicity, it is the deep game that has a fantastically accurate implementation on Android devices.

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It’s time to vote for your favorite. What football game from the list do you like? Perhaps you think another application is more worthy? In any case, leave your answers in the comments.

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