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Browse all iPad models: characteristics and comparison

Apple produces electronic devices of the highest quality — with this statement, few would argue. Perhaps the most popular products of the American Corporation are such gadgets like iPhone, iPad and MacBook. IPads are a perfect multimedia device: surfing the Internet, watching movies, listening to music and much more — all this you can do on a different iPad. However, …

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How to use the keyboard on your iPhone or iPad?

Your iPad and iPhone equipped with the on-screen keyboard, but nothing’s stopping you from being able to connect to the device traditional keyboard and use it. Let us consider in this article how to implement it. You need Well, the most obvious — the keyboard itself and the device to which you intend to attach it. However, you need to …

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How to fix the issue with the battery life in Surface Pro 3?

In may users of the Surface Pro 3 reported problems with short battery life of their tablets, and most likely this problem will be fixed soon. Yesterday (August 29), Microsoft released a new update for its tablet computers. In the changelog of the update, Microsoft explained the problem by comparing the “fuel gauge” in cars and “logic component firmware” to …

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How to download videos on iPad?

Perhaps, the tablet, and in our case, the iPad is almost the perfect device to view different videos or movies. However, first you need to download the desired video file on the tablet. Let’s see how it could be done. itunes This service understands files with the file extension MP4. For some, it may be not the most convenient solution …

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