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Google can block your account, then what to do?

It is difficult to imagine that one day in the morning, you can detect the Google account is locked forever. Permanent lock cannot be bypassed. The fact that people will be upset is to say nothing. You can prepare for the huge inconvenience.

The consequences of blocking the more, the more one is integrated into the Google ecosystem. For many users, a permanent ban is more than the usual discomfort, the effects can be devastating. Lock means that a person is deprived of access to many services, which he uses daily. Here are just a few of them: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, and Google Pay. This indicates complete removal of all playslists YouTube, the termination of access to the music stored on Google Play Music cloud. Have to re-buy all the apps in the Play Store, including movies and books.

Google может заблокировать вашу учетную запись, что тогда делать?Google может заблокировать вашу учетную запись, что тогда делать?

The positive news is that the vast majority of users are never faced with a lock of your own Google profile. However, such cases now occur. Within notes there is a desire to familiarize the reader with this problem and to provide maximum information about methods of personal protection. At the end of the article are tips that will help to reduce the harm from blocking profile if anything.

Google may suspend any account

Perhaps someone will be surprised after the news, but actually Google has the full legal right to close the account. To understand all the rules of the service, the privileges and requirements, you should read the full “terms of service”. In fact everything you need to know is the following line:

“We may suspend or stop providing our services to you in the event of violation of the conditions of the policy use of the service or if it finds suspicious actions.”

To make it even clearer: Google can stop the service or close access to any accounts, if the company something not like it.

In the official document, Google says, the company can lock the account in case of misuse or interference in its services. At first glance, it seems that Google cares about the surrounding people and prohibits the use of services not for their intended purpose. This can include hacking Play Store for free applications. Also the impression that Google is first and foremost to protect its own products against DDoS attacks.

Google может заблокировать вашу учетную запись, что тогда делать?Google может заблокировать вашу учетную запись, что тогда делать?

With all of this is to understand each word more widely. Still, Google has the full authority to consider that someone uses the service incorrectly. Power user and all the support tools are often totally useless. In other words, Google has all the power over the account and it is impossible to do anything.

One of the latest examples: many YouTube users have blocked Google accounts (not just profiles YouTube) for spamming in the video stream with Emoji. However, the owner of the channel independently asked to fill up his movie smiles. Google definitely shouldn’t go to such drastic measures and completely block the account. Yes, the company activated an account for each user, but this happened after the trial and only a few days. Already many people have begun to worry about their data.

This example illustrates why it is necessary to maintain caution and to be aware of events.

Rejoining Google account can have a devastating effect

Not all even know how much of a role in their life is Google services. Only one Gmail there are about 1.2 billion active users, about 15% of the total population of the planet. The mere realization that anyone can lose access to Gmail can cause panic.

However, much more the consequences will be the owners of smartphones on Android. Blocked a Google account means that the smartphone loses the ability to run properly. After blocking profile lost access to sync data, download applications, timely notification, etc. the Only way to eliminate the effects – to create a new account, but all have to start from scratch.

Google может заблокировать вашу учетную запись, что тогда делать?Google может заблокировать вашу учетную запись, что тогда делать?

Just to fully understand the gravity of the situation, the following is a partial list of services that belong to Google and cannot be used without access to a personal Google account.

  • Android;
  • Chrome;
  • Chrome OS;
  • Wear OS;
  • Chromecast;
  • Google Home;
  • Google Nest;
  • Google Wifi;
  • Documents, spreadsheets and Presentations;
  • Google Drive;
  • Google Play Store;
  • Gmail;
  • Stadia;
  • Google Map
  • Google Fi;
  • Google Fit;
  • Google Pay;
  • Google Photos;
  • AdSense;

In addition to conditional access products, in which most of the functionality will be unavailable, and data from the previous account will remain inaccessible. This may result in the loss of part or all important documents, photos, letters email etc. If you have used Google Wifi even to connect to home Internet will not work.

Though there are in the world many examples of how Google suddenly sabanian people, most users probably will not see a ban never. If this happens, you should take the following actions.

What to do if Google account is banned?

If the account is Google blocked, the chances of her recovery are. There are several ways to return the account and data, they do not work 100%, but definitely worth a try.

The first thing to do is to determine the reason for the account blocking. It’s just to do enough to try to log in with your personal Google data. Most likely the lock message is indicated as its cause. Right on the same page you will see the instructions to reset the profile. If you click on the “Try to restore” and follow the instructions, you will have a chance to return to their seats.

Google может заблокировать вашу учетную запись, что тогда делать?Google может заблокировать вашу учетную запись, что тогда делать?

The good news is, Google allows you to appeal to combat incorrect locks account.

If after trying to restore will display some error messages, you can Lodge a complaint directly to Google. Just go to this form and completely fill it with information. Support typically responds to requests appeal within two working days.

While waiting you should try to download some data attached to your account. Simply open the app, which often have to use Google Photos, Google Drive and others. After you sign on the locked page is to study it. In parts of the services proposed manual on loading personal data in case Google rejects the appeal.

Unfortunately, in the case of a negative decision on automatic appeal, Google also comes with all manual requests. And there is nothing you can do about it. If the lock is illegal, you can try to gain popularity in social networks. Maybe Google will reconsider and lift the ban to avoid bad press. In any case, the appeal process is the final authority, then the person remains independent.

Should show vigilance and not to store all of Google

The risk of ban account on Google rather low, so it usually does not threaten law-abiding people. If the profile is not being used for criminal or heinous acts, you can consider yourself relatively safe. However, comprehensive coverage from Google in most aspects of electronic life makes one think that the company can collect all at any time.

The best way to protect yourself is to prepare for blocking your account, that is not to rely entirely on one company. If a sudden ban someday will suffer, it will not cause so devastating damage. Is it from the lock, no one is safe, even following the rules of Google, there is a likelihood of a ban, as evidenced by an example with smiles.

The best remedy for protection is to create multiple accounts, and regular backup of data.

For example, in the case of storing large number of photos and videos in Google Photos, you should create backups on your computer’s hard drive. A similar procedure to spend on songs Google Play Music, with work reports in Google docs, files on Google Drive. Even in the case of a rare run backups, manage to preserve at least some useful data in the block.

An alternative method is to use multiple accounts for different Google services. For example, you can make a profile for “smart home”, which is used to communicate with the Chromecast, Nest, WiFi and other things. Another account can be used to store all media. If once one of the accounts will be under lock, the damage will not be so huge.

Both methods result in discomfort and contradict the idea of easy access to all Google services. However, many cases of illegal bans of accounts and control over your life by the company should be forced to think about personal safety.

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