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How to fix Err_Connection_Closed in Google Chrome?

Err_Connection_Closed — error which are faced daily by many users of the Google Chrome browser. It appears, as a rule, when you click on one, several or all the web resources on the Internet. Err_Connection_Closed can be translated into Russian as “Error. The connection was closed.”

How to fix Err_Connection_Closed?


Solution # 1 Unloading RAM

In some cases the error Err_Connection_Closed may occur as a result of lack of RAM. Try to unload your RAM, after you have completed all the unnecessary programs and then try to navigate to a web site.

Solution 2 Restart Wi-Fi router

Buggy Wi-Fi router may cause the computer to all sorts of network errors. Try doing this: disconnect the router from the electric. network, wait a minute or two and turn it back on. Launch Google Chrome and navigate to the desired web page. Error Err_Connection_Closed could disappear.

Solution 3 Reset network settings

Given that the challenge before us is the network character, it makes sense to do a reset of the network connection. In Windows 10 you can do this as follows:

  • click LMB on start in the taskbar and select “Settings”;
  • open the “Network and Internet”, then tab “Status”;
  • scroll down the page and tap “Reset network”;
  • click on the button “Reset now”;
  • wait for the computer to restart.

Ready. Your network settings have been reset. Open a browser and check for errors Err_Connection_Closed.

Decision No. 4 Setting public DNS servers

Internet users claim that they overcome that mistake helped the transition to a public DNS server address. We recommend you to use the addresses of Google. To change the DNS for your network connection, do this:

  • press Win+S to invoke the search string;
  • enter the query “control Panel” and select the found result.
  • go to “Network and Internet”;
  • select “control Center network and sharing”;
  • now click on “Change adapter settings”;
  • in the new window, right click on your network adapter and select “Properties”;
  • select the component “IP version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and click on “Properties”;
  • tick “Use the following DNS server addresses”;
  • enter the following information:
    • preferred DNS server —;
    • alternate DNS server —;
  • save the changes and restart the computer.

Changing DNS on your PC, open Google Chrome and try to go to the desired page on the Internet. This time the error Err_Connection_Closed could disappear.

Solution 5 Disable proxy

Some malware without your knowledge to change Windows settings. Problems with access to the Internet can start, if you enable proxy server in the system. Let’s we check don’t engage accidentally on your PC proxy.

  • Press Win+S;
  • write “control Panel”;
  • go to “Internet options”;
  • go to the tab “Connections” and click on “network configuration”;
  • uncheck the option “Use a proxy server…” (if any) and confirm the changes;
  • then restart the computer.

Check for errors Err_Connection_Closed.

Decision No. 6 malware Removal

Not whether you have installed recently some suspicious software on your PC? If the answer is Yes, then it could cause problems when using the Chrome browser. You need to clean your computer from the software and then reboot and check if fixed. We also recommend you to scan your system for viruses.

Solution 7 Disable extensions

Certain extensions for Google Chrome can interfere with its normal operation. Does it can even “native” extension. Disable all installed extensions in the browser and navigate to the desired page. If the error Err_Connection_Closed disappeared, it probably caused one of the disabled extensions.

Decision No. 8 Reset Google Chrome

Perhaps the problem lies in the problematic settings of Chrome. Let’s try to reset your browser settings:

  • start Google Chrome;
  • click on the icon with three dots and select “Settings”;
  • next, select “More→Reset settings, and deleting malicious software”;
  • click on the “Restore default settings→Reset settings”;
  • after the reset, close the browser.

Re-open Google Chrome and make sure that the error Err_Connection_Closed gone.

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