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How to fix “failed to calculate the index of performance”?

“Unable to compute the Windows experience index for this system” message, which occurs to users of “seven” when they are trying to determine the index of performance of your computer. In today’s article we’ll look with you, why am I getting this message and how to get rid of it.

The reasons for “could Not calculate index performance”

  • Battery operation/power saving mode.
  • There is not enough space on the disk.
  • The procedure for calculating the index of performance has already been started.
  • The calculation procedure was mistakenly blocked by the antivirus.

The solution to “could Not calculate index performance”

Не удалось вычислить индекс производительностиНе удалось вычислить индекс производительности

Decision No. 1 laptop is Connected to electric. network/modification of power supply circuits

During the transition to cost-effective scheme of power supply calculation of the performance index of the system becomes impossible. Laptops how automatically go into power saving mode when you unplug them from the power supply. Make sure that you are connected to the mains and set the balanced or high performance power plan.

Solution # 2 Release disk space

The message “could Not calculate index performance” can arise due to lack of free space on the disk. The fact is that when you start such a process, Windows creates a small text file, and if not — error.

Solution 3 Disable antivirus

All right, sometimes a problem can cause the installed antivirus software. Try disabling your antivirus and then re-run the process to calculate the performance index. Also try to deactivate the system Windows Defender.

Solution 4 reinstalling the video driver

Error “could Not calculate index performance” appeared immediately after installing the driver for the graphics card? Then you need to reinstall this driver, because in it may lie the problem. To reinstall the video driver, do the following:

  • open device Manager (Win+R→devmgmt.msc);
  • expand “display Adapters”;
  • right click on the name of your video card and select “”Remove a device”;
  • restart PC;
  • download the latest video driver from official website manufacturer GP;
  • run the driver installation and follow the on screen instructions;
  • check for problems with the calculation of the index.

Solution 5 Update various codecs

Some users claim that they managed to get rid of this problem by updating the different codecs in their system. Open task Manager and see which codecs we might need. Then go to the browser and begin to look for the right packages with codecs. Install them and check, will disappear if the alarm message.

Decision No. 6 the Update Windows

And the Internet is the claim that the message “could Not calculate a performance index” can be eliminated by setting your Windows 7 and all available updates. Go to update Center and run the automatic upgrade process.

I want to believe that this article was useful for you!

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