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How to install ADB and Fastboot on Android?

The most popular reason for installing and using ADB and Fastboot in Android is to open root permissions on the device. This will unlock more opportunities for the use and management of ROM, and also opens access to numerous techniques of advanced level. To get the most out of your Android smartphone, you need to install ADB and Fastboot. Guide and list of known errors with their correction are described next.

What is ADB?

ADB (Android Debug Bridge) includes client and server components that interact with each other. If you look from a practical point of view – is the communication system between the smartphone and computer. Used to access a command prompt Windows, which sends to the mobile system required requests. ADB is very useful, it is used by users to Android rooting, install the firmware and fix the various problems smartphones.

What is fastboot?

Fastboot is a crucial diagnostic tool that is used for file system control Android with PC. To make it work, you need to use the loader. Basic commands allow you to flash, to install a system image or change the upload tool.

What is a driver?

A driver is a small program responsible for the recognition of the operating system (now we are talking about Windows) other devices. Without their use it is impossible to configure interoperability between all devices. Each component and unit must have its own, appropriate for the driver: mouse, hard disk, keyboard etc. To communicate with the mobile computer automatically installs the driver, but it is not always suitable to use fastboot and ADB. You may have to manually install other software. Fortunately, it is uniform for all smartphones.

Installing ADB drivers in Windows

In the case of Windows 10, most likely do not have to install any additional drivers. Usually after connecting the device to the computer, automatically able to access the ADB interface. In Windows 7 and other earlier versions of the system connecting the device to a PC is slightly more complicated.

Как установить ADB и Fastboot на Android?Как установить ADB и Fastboot на Android?

Windows 7 rarely recognize the ADB interface correctly, it is usually doesn’t react. If no appropriate driver is available, a computer with a smartphone will not be able to enter into relationship. A universal solution to the problem is the ADB Driver Installer. Need utility is available on the official website and it weighs only 10 MB. After the start of the download, simply open the archive and run the exe file. After you confirm the action to UAC, start the installation process.

Activate the USB debugging

Nothing complicated, just follow the instructions:

  • Open the Settings app and go to “About phone”.
  • To touch 7 times in a row string with the build number.
  • To step back and see the “About phone” will be available the item “USB Debugging”, you need to activate.Как установить ADB и Fastboot на Android?Как установить ADB и Fastboot на Android?
  • If you now refresh the connection to the computer, the device should be recognized correctly. If there is a problem, is to change the operating mode of the USB connection. Most smartphones default to using the connection as source of the charge. The decision was made in order to preserve the confidentiality of data on the phone if it is connecting to someone else’s computer.

    To switch the type, simply plug and unlock the device, pull the top cover of the device, and then choose the way of working in MTP, PTP, or “developer Mode”.

    If you now refresh the list of connected devices on the PC, it should appear on the computer in ADB. Just select it and click “Install”. The program will automatically select the driver for your specific device.

    Как установить ADB и Fastboot на Android?Как установить ADB и Fastboot на Android?

    Important! At occurrence of unforeseen problems, should open “device Manager”, delete the old entry on the smartphone and repeat the installation of the drivers.

    Install ADB Tools on Windows

    It’s time to use ADB drivers. To use the most new version is to visit the site and download the latest file android sdk [version number] -windows.zip. The link is located at the bottom of the page.


  • Unpack the archive to any convenient location and run the SDK file Manager.exe.
  • Wait for 10 seconds until you open the right window. As there is no need to program an application that can remove the majority of ticks. Mandatory you need only the Android SDK tools Platform.
  • Go in the directory platform-tools (extracted from archive). Hold down the Shift key and RMB in the free area of the directory and choose “Open command window here”.
  • After connecting the smartphone to enter into the console “adb devices” entry. On the smartphone displays a warning. It is necessary to press “OK”.
  • Once debugging is enabled on the PC, and it is enabled on the smartphone, the device will appear in the list inside the command line.

    How to install ADB on Mac and Linux?

    Mainly Unix systems, among them Linux, Mac OS, allow you to carry everything you need even faster. They remove part of the hassle of setting up and also eliminate the need to manually update the tools.

    Mac users should install Manager Homebrew, it is in English language. Inside is to click on “brew install android platform-tools”. Owners of Linux computers need to find the package android-platform-tools and install it. After the implementation of the procedure, the tools ADB will be available globally, so you can start using commands.

    Как установить ADB и Fastboot на Android?Как установить ADB и Fastboot на Android?

    ADB commands

    The most useful and relevant team below:

    • adb backup-f FullBackup.ab-apk –all: create a backup of data. In fact, the results of the procedure unreliable. Not all applications support the redundancy ADB, so you may need an alternative method.
    • adb devices: this command displays all PC-connected devices that support ADB. In front of each camera is shown his personal identity and status. If there appears the word “Unauthorized”, you need to go to the phone and allow it to interact with the computer.
    • adb reboot: performs a reboot of the device.
    • adb reboot recovery: reboots the device into recovery mode.
    • adb reboot bootloader: reboot in bootloader mode. Immediately after switching to this mode, you receive the opportunity to interact with the smartphone through fastboot commands.
    • adb push [folder on the PC / dateiname.endung] [catalog on the smartphone]: the command moves the file from the source directory on the computer to a specified folder on the phone.
    • adb pull [Directory on your smartphone / dateiname.endung] [folder on the computer]: after running the command to save a file from your smartphone or computer and transfer this to the PC memory. The second argument (the folder path on your computer) not required, if you run without it, data is moved to the original folder ADB.
    • adb shell screencap -p /sdcard/screenshot.png adb pull /sdcard/screenshot.png adb shell rm /sdcard/screenshot.png: create a screenshot and save to memory card or in the computer memory.
    • adb help: displays all the commands ADB, the syntax of their use and help for them.

    ADB commands for firmware and app updates

    These commands should be emphasized separately:

    • adb sideload update.zip: used for installation of files, like update official firmware on your smartphone. That’s only for more complex installations, like custom skins, you will have to use the fastboot interface.
    • install adb [android app] .apk: can be used to install applications using the APK file on their smartphone or tablet.

    A common error in ADB

    These failures appear more frequently than others:

    • Command Not Found (Command not found): indicates a possible error in the command syntax or it is incompatible with the version of ADB. Check the correct recording format through adb help or need to install new version ADB.
    • No Device (No device): most likely the USB cable is connected incorrectly on the smartphone is not confirmed by the use of ADB or the computer cannot recognize the phone. You should try to connect the device to a different USB port, use an alternative cable, enable USB debugging, check the drivers and reboot the device.
    • Server is out of date (Server) outdated version of ADB tools on PC and Android should be compatible, otherwise an error is displayed. It usually helps to update the ADB Tools.
    • Waiting for device (Waiting for device): the essence of failure is similar to “No device”. The computer just doesn’t recognize the phone. The situation applies the same methods of correction.

    Now the reader knows all the methods of modification of the smartphone, including updating, mutirovannye or installation of various firmwares. With full control over the device, you need to understand the responsibility for his fate. Incorrect actions or infected may lead to serious consequences.

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