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How to turn off tracking iPhone location iOS 13.3.1?

Lately in iPhone 11 was discovered some problems, like wrong selection of the camera FaceTime (wide instead of extra wide) or ignore messages when connected to Wi-Fi. The developers at Apple have tried to quickly fix the problem by releasing the update 13.3.1. Besides the fixed bugs, they added the ability to deactivate remote monitoring of the location of the smartphone.

Already in early Feb available to upgrade operating system to iOS 13.3.1. The first one will get upgrade users flagship devices iPhone series 11. Developers are allowed to disable ultra-wideband chip U1, which followed the location of the media. Weight is 280 MB. List of fixes consists mainly of small improvements, but they are really a lot. If the proposed upgrade of the iPhone has not come yet, you can run a search under “Settings” or download via the computer and put manually.

What problems are fixed in iOS 13.3.1?

IPhone 11 the iPhone 11 Pro was faced with numerous problems that are especially difficult, given the status and performance of the smartphone. For example, the smartphone started out very slow when you open, edit and send images created with application of technology of Deep Fusion. This and the following problems Apple fixed with the latest update:

  • Lock bypass smartphone with active parental controls. Previously the children were able to bypass the time code protection add to address book new contacts.
  • Improving the function of the “Load remote images. In the past, the smartphone continued to download pictures with email, despite the inactive state of the technology.
  • Many times the playback dialog. The bug is partially solved, but on some services it is still present, like the Mail when you start up Windows for feedback.
  • Control of the camera. FaceTime used to use a wide angle sensor, not a module with extra-wide viewing angle.
  • Transmission of the push messages. There have been cases where it was not possible to send push messages via Wi-Fi network.
  • Incorrect music playback in the car. Technology Apple CarPlay gave distorted sound during phone calls.
  • A limited set of Siri voices. In iOS 13.3.1 Siri received the ability to switch to the Indian dialect of English.

Turn off background location tracking

In addition to a large list of fixes that Apple has given users more control over the hardware. Now you can turn off location tracking through a new ultra-wideband chip U1. Previously, he worked independently, users had no control over it. In General, the option of a ban on the location present in the iPhone series 11, but the data continued to remain on the phone.

The aim of the new chip is in the positioning between a compatible iPhone. For example, this technology allows you to quickly find your lost device by using the data with other smartphones. The company promised that the data will not be saved in the databases, and all information is anonymous. Now this feature is still not working.

How to disable tracking:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll through the list to the section “Privacy” and open it.
  • Select “location Services”.
  • To scroll through the list and open the “System services”.
  • In the tab “Networking and wireless communications” disable tracking.
  • Reliable information and reports on the issue, but such action may adversely affect other wireless services like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. If any faults appear, the service is re-enable.

    What updates systems became more affordable?

    With iPhone 11 update received from the other “Apple” device: iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Also available an updated version of the macOS Catalina for Mac.

    Working version is:

    • iPadOS 13.3.1 (17D50);
    • watchOS 6.1.2 (17S796);
    • TVOS 13.3.1 (17K795);
    • macOS Catalina 10.15.3 (19D76).

    Apple with the latest update has made the eye to fix known bugs and great capabilities to monitor a smartphone. All changes useful, so you should as soon as possible to upgrade to a new OS.

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