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TOP best antivirus software for MAC 2020

A significant part of the viral has already learned to bypass the media locking inherent in standard protection. Despite their constant updates, users are still at risk. The best way to protect yourself is to use the best antivirus software from third-party developers. All worthy options, we will consider in the review.

Does the Mac need antivirus?

Proponents of the iPad say that Apple computers are inherently safe, so do not need protection. It really is too self-confident and even a misconception.

In 2018, the company registered 14 new viruses that have found unique ways to bypass locks and infecting users. When compared with the Windows counterparts, it’s a bit, but still a risk. Mac is safer because it is based on a Unix system, which works on the principle of the sandbox. Even in case hacking one door, the other measures of protection are functioning normally. Most viruses are unable to take control of other areas of PC operation. The truth is that this tactic has a negative impact on the usability.

Another reason for increased sturdiness Mac is less of a financial benefit. Still devices from Apple in times less than machines with Windows. The combination of the complexity of the search targets and constraints of a burglary leads to the fact that the majority of cybercrime is focused on Windows.

To talk about full security Mac is still not necessary. The growth of popularity of devices, cybercriminals are getting more interested in the hunt for users of Apple technology. In this regard, there are growing risks of hacking, and therefore the issue of cybersecurity is now most urgently. A good antivirus will be the primary means of protection, which will fight viruses that made it past standard lock.

How to choose antivirus Mac?

All antivirus programs include 2 types of work:

  • System scan on user demand and ongoing protection. The first option is to detect the viruses during a scheduled system scan or after the appearance of unusual behavior in the system. It is important to pay attention not only to the search quality and speed. Some programs do this for 6 more hours, blocking normal work with computer all the time.
  • Real-time protection against spyware and malware. Such a system is not bound to time and works in background. The check occurs every time you download or receive letters in the mail. Suspicious files and links are added to the quarantine. The user must decide what to do with such data. In order to properly conclude the antivirus should give as much information about the problem, it can do much more.

All antivirus software includes additional security packages, kind of protection from the extortionists. In the recent increase of infection with Ransomware – a kind of infection, when the virus encrypts all user data on the PC and demands payment for the decryption.

Another is to draw on:

  • The presence of additional functionality if you need it. For example, some antivirus integrated secure VPN, password managers, cloud storage, or a parental control system. If these additions are not necessary, it is better to purchase a basic version of their software protection algorithms between different software packages do not differ.
  • Internet protection. It is usually implemented in the antivirus and using child extension.
  • The price of the subscription. Antiviruses are usually sold on a temporary basis, there is no way to buy once and use it all the time. It is necessary to investigate the cost and to check whether the antivirus set up FOR automatic payment subscription at a higher price.

A rating of the best antivirus software for Mac

As a result of own tests the best performance was achieved with the following anti-virus software.

1. Intego Mac Internet Security X9

The best choice in our opinion. This is the fastest app of the. It not only quickly detects, but also instantly cleanses problematic code snippets. The truth is a software product more expensive than most other products. Reliable antivirus and great firewall is worth it. If your budget simply does not allow to purchase this kit, you can choose more affordable, like Bitdefender Antivirus.

According to the report, AV-Test, Intego has received the maximum estimation for protection and ease of use. Weaknesses there is a marked decrease in performance, suggesting a possible drawdown of the operation speed. However, our own experiments showed a significant deterioration in performance. The only exception is a full scan system that applies to all antiviruses. On the other hand, due to the high speed, long not wait.

One-year subscription to Intego Mac Internet Security X9 will cost about 2800 rubles.

2. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Despite a few annoying features of the app, it has a lot of interesting pieces. It’s hard to argue with high security antivirus, useful features and all this in the kit with a reasonable price. Annual subscription will cost about 1200 rubles. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac only got the second position due to the presence of advertising content. This is absolutely unacceptable for a paid product, especially for the antivirus.

In the test AV-Test authoritative resource awarded the product the maximum score for protection, performance and ease of implementation. He copes with all tasks, although it is slightly slower leader. If ads are not too confusing, this is the best choice.

3. Norton 360 Standard for Mac

One of the most recent antivirus software from Symantec, which includes a range of enhanced protection and privacy. As a bonus, the user gets a VPN, firewall, cleaning system and so on. All this is included in the kit cost 1800 rubles for the first year. However, the antivirus can only be installed on one device. If desired, you can increase quantity to 3 or 5, but it will affect the price.

Norton 360 Standard for Mac can quickly scan your system for the first time. However, further tests become faster and takes the same amount of time. This indicates that the antivirus does not save to the database trusted (proven earlier) files for faster scanning. But the program was able to find and delete all downloaded viruses. Of annoying moments: in the Mac version there is no protection the web camera and parental controls that are present in the Windows version.

4. Sophos Home Premium for Mac

Not the fast scan antivirus pushed to the fourth position, but still it can be recommended. Moreover, there is a free version, which then you can upgrade to a paid subscription. Sophos for Mac Home Premium for one year will cost about 3000 rubles. From the point of view of price and quality – this is a good product that allows you to simultaneously protect up to 10 computers.

The positive side of antivirus – reliable protection against malicious programs in real time. Also, the user gets cloud management virus protection for three PC. All basic functions are in the free version, but without access to more tools, like protection against ransomware. This makes the product unique, all the other anti-virus software for macOS require payment.

5. ESET Cyber Security for Mac

AT offers a good level of detection and virus removal, but the price will be the speed of scanning. Just a bit of a disappointment: rather slow procedure of finding malware and the lack of additional features. On the other hand, the elegance and simplicity of management will appeal to many users. Developers initially offer a trial mode for months, and in the future require payment of about 1400 rubles.

The link to the official website.

6. Airo Antivirus for Mac

It is a product from a relatively new company, only focused on protecting the Mac from viruses. Such direction helps to make Airo Antivirus one of the most attractive. The developers say that it is based on artificial intelligence technology, machine learning. The approach helps faster to calculate and eliminate new threats.

It’s got a nice design and good quality detection, but a full scan is quite slow. And the emergence of some of the strange results a little confused. But 100% loaded with viruses Airo managed to find and fix. Another disadvantage is the lack of additional features, like protection from ransomware, and firewall. The pleasure is worth 3000 rubles.

7. Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac

Known antivirus in the environment of computer security is impressive for cleaning, all related suspicious program Trend Micro managed to remove. There are additional features like virus protection of shipovskov. Little concern was the fact that not all files were marked as checked. Maybe it’s a simple mistake.

The application remained at the end of the list because it isn’t actively being updated. Even on the main page of data is presented for 2014-2017. All the flaws could cut the price of 650 roubles for a year of use.

8. Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac

A significant bonus from Kaspersky Internet Security is the availability of the whole set of extra functions: the protection of a VPN, camera, parental controls, etc There are unforgivable flaws, as during the scan of the system and in the mode of active protection, the application misses some viruses. However, the latter report results AV-Test indicate a higher degree of security and ease of management. Loyal pricing position (1200 rubles per year) could compensate for the other problems.

The final word remains with the reader. We have done everything to provide the user a basic understanding of the product and for the combination of price with quality.

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